Rally Racing – Adrenaline, Entertainment and Risks

600px-Cyprus_districts_not_named.svgMany people like to take part in rally racing – some as spectators, while others as pilots or co-pilots. The rally is actually a form of sport – auto racing, which is organized on private or public roads, and it is very different than the rallies that you see on circuits. This is not Formula 1 and there are no racing cars like the ones you see on circuit – instead, there are specially prepared cars to develop high speed an easy control over them on different terrains.Chris_Atkinson_-_2006_Cyprus_Rally_2

The drivers usually come with their own cars and if they have sponsors, they will help the driver invest more money in car parts and other things the driver needs. However, this is not an easy sport – it’s full of adrenaline and it’s a good way to entertain everyone, both men and women alike.

Here are some insights about this sport, with both the good and the bad parts of it.

The Drivers

interview_3__2_-1-86-profileAnyone can be a driver in a rally, but of course you need to have experience and also passion. The last one – the passion – is what helps you build experience, because if you don’t like driving a car, you will never drive a car in a rally. However, the drivers need to have good skills that come only with a lot of practice, but also good knowledge of mechanics. They prepare their cars to be able to develop more speed and power, and mechanical knowledge is good to have in this case. Apart from this, you need to know what is possibly wrong with a car, as sometimes the car stops functioning and you need to be able to tell why this happens.

The Rally Types

There are two types of rallies – the stage rally and the road rally.

Since this sport appeared in 1960, the stage rally has been the professional side of this main_Seb-Loebsport. The stage rally means that the cars will race over a straightforward direction on a road closed to other kind of traffic. There are allowed spectators, but with adequate safety measures. The road can be anything, from forest tracks to mountains roads, snow, desert, ice and other types of roads. Here is tested the car’s reliability and performance, along with providing a good challenge for the driver and the crew.

The road rally usually takes place on roads opened to normal traffic, and the speed is not so important. More important are the navigation skills and the vehicle’s reliability, proved on long distances on difficult roads. The road rally has different branches, mostly for amateurs, and these test the accuracy, the problem solving and the navigation skills of the drivers.

The Risks

mainuy4xr1427450488This is one sport that presents plenty of risks, for everyone involved – drivers, co-pilots and spectators. Accidents can happen at any given time, and no matter the precaution measures that were taken by the organizers, someone can get hurt. The risks of rally racing are not to be overlooked, and no matter how you take part in one, you need to be careful.

For drivers, there are more risks, as they need to have the right skills for driving the cars. There is usually a lot of speed involved in this kind of racing, and one moment of hesitation can lead to a severe accident. At high speed, the accidents usually end up with life threatening situations for everyone Martin_Prokop_-_2009_Cyprus_Rally_2involved – driver, co-pilot and spectators.

For spectators it’s even more tragic, as they are not guilty of anything but simply being willing to take part in an entertainment event. If a driver loses control over the car and hits the spectators’ area, nothing can prevent them from being hurt. It’s something that everyone acknowledges when they accept to go to such event. You can read more on the risks of rallies here, but it’s important to be conscious of the choice you make when you go to any kind of rally.