Rally Cyprus 2015

The Cyprus Rally event is around the corner once again. The event will occur between 25th-27th of the month of September, and the sporting event will be held in Nicosia. The event is expected to host the traditional FIA regional championship which will feature the 5th round of FIA middle-east championship and 8th round of the FIA European Rally respectively. As a result, the Cyprus Rally event is expected to be a unique one this year.


Information from a press release depict that participation will take place in 16 different stages. The cars are expected to cover a distance of 664.18Km long. In fact, this is the only FIA regional championship Rally in the world that will do 5 and 8 rounds respectively.

According to the President of the Cyprus Automobile Association Antonis Michaelides, the special stages of this Rally event will occur on September 26th, and will go through Nicosia using the Green line route as is the tradition since 1974.

In addition to this, the Cyprus government and authorities have been informed about this special event, and they’ve given their go-ahead. The Rally organizers have also teamed up with the UN peace-keeping forces in the area to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

The terms and conditions of the super special stages will take effect throughout the event. He also added that Cyprus Automobile Association was the only sponsor who was also responsible for the entire event.

The special stages will be mainly situated in the Nicosia and Larnaka areas, where the cars will be driven on different road surfaces, e.g. tarmac, gravel and so forth.

The special Rally event will commence and finish in Larnaka district since the organizers have chosen this district as the host.

At the moment, organizers are making final preparations to see that everything runs according to plan. Action is set to begin on Friday morning as they battle for the qualifying stage.

On 25th of September (Friday afternoon at 18h30), the cars are expected to line up in Finikoudes to take part in the ceremonial start. After this, they are expected to go back to the service park, still in Nicosia. However, the race will kick off the next day, which will be on Saturday 26th. The cars will be competing in 8 special stages the same day.

Starting at Parc Ferme on 06h30, the cars will zoom off to Kotsiatis for their 15,20Km stage. This will be followed by Lithrodontus and Lagia respectively. They will finish their 11,42Km race at Klavdia, after which the drivers will return to the service park for rest and repairs.

After this, they are expected to commence at 11h38 to go through all the stages in the afternoon. Again, the organizers have stated that there will be a small difference in the Saturday loops, followed by the second loop which will see the cars racing at Lithrodontus, going through Lagia and finally Klavdia.

The 4th stage will still take place on the same day, and will feature the Super Special Stage. Again, all races will commence in the capital of Nicosia. The race will be flagged off at 17h15, and the first car is expected to get back to the service park at 18h21.

On Sunday 27th, the race will begin at 08h00. The remaining rally crew will go through the 13,14Km in Geri and finally 11,41Km in Agia Marina. This will be followed by the 3rd stage of the race going through Kelia and Tseri (09.93Km and 13,14Km respectively). This will mark the end of the morning loop. Once they’ve taken a rest, the cars will prepare to repeat the 4 stages in the afternoon. The Ceremonial Finish will be held in Finikoudes at 18:30, marking the end of the competition.

Both the organizing committee and the drivers association have been briefed about the FIA rules as a reminder, plus they’ve also been told about testing and how this will be enforced strictly.

The rules state that no crew or driver should be seen at the racing stages with or without a car other than the days designate for testing. Otherwise, hefty penalties will be leveled against the offender.