Checking a car for free

Buying your own car check

Peering into the history of a vehicle

With an ever increasing number of vehicles on the road today there is more and more risk involved in buying a used car. A vehicle check (background history check of a vehicle) has now become an essential requirement for motorists.

history of a lexus

Car checks provide valuable data that includes full information on if a vehicle has been stolen, has incorrect mileage, has any outstanding finance agreements or accident damage recorded from the supplying insurance company.

In the UK, there are a number of providers including hpi check (one of the more trusted), My Car Check, Cazanna but the latest is from CarVeto.

Some of the above providers offer a free initial check whilst others do not. Note, the majority of the sources where the data is offered comes from the same places including the DVLA, Police, Insurance databases etc.

Prices for quality paid checks range from £10 to £20 each. CarVeto offers one of the finest vehicle checks fro £12.50 compared to £19.99 from hpi.

Just head over to the website, enter the registration number of the vehicle and hit the go button. After your initial, free check you can buy a Platinum for all of the background information.

Hope this helps you guys get a nice, new car.